Central and South America

Central and South America has much to offer for travelers of all ages and interests. Adventurers will delight in the diverse offerings of action packed activities such as zip lining through the treetops of Costa Rica to exploring the Amazon jungle.

South America is home to some of the world’s most ancient civilizations – there are many well preserved landmarks and sites to visit with meaningful historical relevance for the history buffs. A continent that is quite diverse, travelers will enjoy the cultural nuances and local flavors.


Costa Rica is home to a wealth of natural wonders from the wildlife to the landscapes. There are several national parks throughout the country that highlight some of the most amazing scenery – Costa Rica also lies on the Pacific Rim of Fire and has several majestic volcanoes. The beaches are out of this world – there is a coral reef off of Manzanillo Beach that is a snorkeler’s dream!

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Brazil is home to more than 2,000 beaches that stretch along it’s expansive coastline. Travelers can expect to find enviable weather and an upbeat, jovial atmosphere that is contagious! The locals are friendly and vibrant with music and celebrations running deep into their cultural roots. Brazil is well known for hosting Carnival annually – an elaborate festival featuring intricate and colorful costuming, Samba dance competitions, lively parades and parties that are second to none.

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Peru is quickly gaining ground as a top travel destination in South America. Well known for being the home to Machu Picchu – the crown jewel of Peru’s ancient sites, llamas, rolling landscapes and arguably the best ceviche in all of South America, there are many reasons to visit!

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Argentina is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. Boasting varying landscapes, unique cultural elements, a bustling nightlife, and delectable local flavors and wines, it is a “must see” for those interested in traveling to South America. Argentina is also home to the breathtaking scenic marvels of Glaciers National Park and the Iguazu Falls – which Eleanor Roosevelt once visited and exclaimed “poor Niagara!” when she beheld their beauty!

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