Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are “sister countries” that share laid back vibes, friendly locals and endless opportunities for adventures for those traveling thrill seekers!

Travelling to these countries can be quite a commitment of time, so we suggest extending your trip to visit the beautiful Cook Islands while you are in the area. The Cook Islands are absolutely stunning and are not overrun with tourists – they make for the perfect stop for a pre or post trip extension.

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Australia is a gem of a location for the world traveler to visit – the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne are fast paced and quite metropolitan while Perth is known for having beautiful beaches. The locals are friendly and there will not be any language barriers making for easy communication and confidence while traveling.

Australia is also home to the Great Barrier Reef – world renown for being home to an abundance of marine life and draws divers from across the globe annually to witness it’s splendor. Backpack enthusiasts will not be disappointed as the outback offers ample opportunities for challenge and unique wildlife sighting.


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New Zealand is known for its vast and unspoiled landscapes – breathtaking scenery at every turn! The locals, affectionately known as “Kiwis” are an extremely friendly lot who take hospitality very seriously – visitors to New Zealand can travel with ease knowing that a friendly face is just around the corner. New Zealand is also an extremely safe country, so much so that even solo travelers can enjoy exploring with confidence.

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