For the traveler looking for an elevated experience, Africa is a wonderful choice. The continent of Africa is culturally diverse, has breathtaking varying landscapes, and is home to unique wildlife.

While Africa is known for safaris, there are many other options to enjoy – from viewing the natural wonders of Mt Kilimanjaro and Victoria Falls to enjoying the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town.

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A Diverse Continent

African travel destinations are divided into two areas:

Eastern Africa, which is comprised of the countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Travelers can expect to find lush landscapes and breathtaking scenery.  Eastern Africa is also home to Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak and the world’s tallest free-standing volcano.

Southern Africa is comprised of the countries of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. This part of Africa offers travelers the opportunity to blend rustic experiences with the elegance and luxury of Cape Town. Travelers can enjoy an African safari in this part of the continent as well as witness the splendor and beauty of Victoria Falls.

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