Asia truly has it all! Travelers will be on sensory overload – in the best way possible – all of the sights, sounds, and tastes will be new experiences. Asia is a continent that is both a rich woven tapestry of ancient history and simultaneously maintains a spot as a top adopter of modern advancements. There are fast paced cities, scenic countryside, and  dreamy beaches – something for everyone.

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Thailand is a beautiful country that is home to fabulous beaches and year round sunshine. Foodies will certainly be pleased with the delectable Thai cuisine and variety of dining choices. The icing on the cake? Thailand is relatively inexpensive to travel to – the dollar stretches far here.

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Japan is a harmonious country that effortlessly blends ancient practices with modern conveniences. History and culture are very important and are observed throughout the year at many different celebrations. These festivals are a wonderful way for visitors to partake in an authentic local ritual. Another bonus of travelling to Japan is that it is an extremely safe and clean country – travelers can move throughout the country with ease and confidence.

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China is reserved for those travelers who are ready to immerse themselves into a world that is culturally diverse and unique. China is a treasure trove of ancient and historically significant sites from the Great Wall of China to the canals, buried armies, pagodas, temples and much more. It is an experience that one won’t soon forget – grab your camera and be prepared to be mystified!

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