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Post Date: November 29, 2017

My recent visit to Croatia was a combination of cultural sights, wine tastings, local cuisine and nature tours. This country has it all!

Out of the 1,244 Croatian Islands, only 44 are inhabited. Along the golden archipelagos of the Adriatic Sea, the Dalmatian mainland coast, extending 1100 miles is a hidden wonder, full of medieval cities, seaside olive groves,  glittering bays surrounded by hills of vibrant green and small vineyards.

We arrived in Dubrovnik. This “Pearl of the Adriatic” has captivated and seduced kings and artists for centuries with its immaculate medieval architecture. The first settlement on this site dates back to 7th century AD. In the old city you will find polished limestone streets, a labyrinth of alleyways and some breathtaking architecture. We walked the 82 foot tall city walls which run over a mile, encircling the entire old city. For Game of Throne buffs, a walking tour of King’s Landing is a must.

 We took a day trip to the island of Korchula which also has a medieval old town with well-preserved buildings and churches. The highlight of the day was a wine paired lunch at Lesic Dimitri restaurant followed by visiting two local wineries. The local white wine Posip and red wine Plavac are sure to please any wine lovers palette!

Continuing our journey, our next stop was Split. Split was home to the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Seventeen centuries ago, Diocletian built the vast palace complex that still stands today. Diocletian’s palace complex is even more impressive than old town of Dubrovnik. Our hotel, located next to the Diocletian palace, had a traditional feel with antique furnishings. For dinner, we went to Bokeria, a local restaurant. The grilled meats and wines were outstanding!

On our way to Zagreb, we visited Plitvice Lakes. With its beautiful waterfalls and lakes this luscious natural reserve is a true wonder of the world. Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, is a hub of business, academic, cultural, artistic and sports in Croatia. The city’s mix of medieval towers, squares and churches make Zagreb a lovely place to explore.

Our final stop was Ljubljana in Slovenia. This city is packed with natural beauty and good food! We also took a day trip to the city of Bled in the Julian Alps and walked through Vintgar gorge. The scenery is stunning! The local cuisine in Slovenia is influenced by its neighbors from all directions - Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. We were just in time to partake in a food and wine festival. Fried ravioli, sucking pig, lamb on the spit, seafood, wine tastings, cream cakes…….what a great way to end our trip!

Throughout our trip, we stopped at several small village enroute, enjoying the local delicacies and mingling with the people. The people of Croatia are warm and welcoming and will win your hearts with their genuine hospitality!

Croatia is a safe destination that has something for all travelers.

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