Latin America

latin america Discover some of the world's most romantic destinations with a spectacular river cruise. With vessels that are generally smaller than traditional ocean-going cruise ships, river cruises offer intimate experiences that can uncover incredible locations that no other transport can access. And for those wary of open waters, this is a great option. The stunning countryside is almost always in view, often allowing guests to take in amazing historical, cultural and natural sites from onboard the ship itself. With elegant accommodations, onboard meals & entertainment, and guided tours of points on interest, you will feel a world away from ordinary as you cruise down the river.


Vibrant capitals, magnificent nature, and fascinating cultures make Latin America a unique travel destination. From the culturally rich cities of Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Buenos Aires and Santiago to the wildlife of the Galapagos or rainforests of Costa Rica, Latin America destinations continue to inspire.

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Peru: Explore the treasure of its ancient cultures at Machu Picchu.

Brazil: White sandy beaches and the world-famous Carnival will enchant visitors.

Costa Rica: Many natural treasures are to be found with majestic volcanoes, beautiful beaches and lush tropical forests.

Argentina: Breathtaking Iguazu Falls and the ancient forests of Patagonia is a land of adventure.

Chile: This is a country of extremes with glaciers, volcanoes and desert.

Bolivia: With a natural beauty of salt plains and steamy jungles, this is the most isolated of Latin American countries.

Ecuador: An intensely varied landscape, Ecuador has the lush Amazon Rainforest, fabulous beaches, magnificent mountain peaks and the paradise of the Galapagos Islands.