AfricaAfrica contains one-fifth of the earth’s surface with over 50 countries, each with its own traditions, tribal groups, dialects, landscapes and wildlife. It has a wealth of natural and cultural treasures to delight even the most discerning travelers. Africa’s most dramatic geographical features are the Nile River and Sahara desert and Mount Kilimanjaro. Of equal fascination are the many animal species that inhabit the widely-varied terrain. They include lions, rhinos, hippos, camels, gorillas, cape buffalo, leopards, elephants, cheetahs, zebras, baboons, hyenas, giraffes, meerkats, monkeys and an array of colorful birds. Such magnificent wildlife is the primary reason for many travelers to visit this extraordinary destination.


Travel Impressions - Book Your Dream VacationAn African safari will take you to some of the most renowned game reserves for an unforgettable experience. Many offer the opportunity to observe Africa’s Big Five – elephant, leopard, lion, rhinoceros, and cape buffalo on their game drives.


This selection of safari lodges all around Africa provides a diverse range of accommodation options ranging from ultimate luxury to comfortably rustic. The private game reserves of South Africa provide a lodge experience of exquisite luxury in some of the finest game viewing areas. East Africa lodge accommodations range from rustic bush camps to larger hotel style lodges.


One of the most thrilling ways to view the splendor of Africa is from the basket of a hot air balloon floating over the savannah.


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