Tell Us About Your Vision of the Perfect Trip

Every trip begins by us getting to know you better. For starters, we'll want to know who you're traveling with, your travel dates, any special interests you may have and what types of hotels you prefer. You may not know the answer to all the questions–but don't worry, that's where we come in.

Will you be traveling with family or friends? How many people are in your group?
Do you have specific dates in mind?
About how many days do you expect the trip to last?
Which destinations are you interested in?
Do you have specific interests that you would like to pursue such as architecture, spas, cuisine, religion, sports?
Do you like to have activities planned from dawn to dusk, or do you prefer some downtime?
Do you have an interest in active travel (hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing etc.)?
If you are of active disposition, do you consider two hours of hiking enough or do you like to go all day?
On past trips, what were some of the activities or specific things that you most enjoyed?
What type of accommodations do you generally prefer? Only five-star? Small, boutique properties? Nice, but not over the top?
Are you celebrating a special occasion on this trip?
Do you plan to use frequent flyer miles or reward points for your travel?
Do you plan to book your own flights or use our company's in-house air department?
 I will book my own flight.
 I want to use your in-house air department.
Do you have an approximate budget in mind for the trip?